Our Brands



Agnesi started in 1824 in Genova, and since then they have been producing the best pasta using a special grain called "kronos" that gives the pasta a unique sweet taste and golden colour that as well is high in proteins.


Agriform is the biggest producer in the Veneto Region of Grana Padano cheese and other typical regional cheeses. Agriform focuses on quality, always making sure all their cheese are produced according to the traditions, aiming to keep the authentic flavours.


Established in 1927, Agrunion is one the largest agricultural cooperative unions of Greece. Their range of products includes olive oils, wines and vinegars. All their products are produced in new built factories equipped with the foremost technological machinery and they only use the highest quality local products.


The history of the Agugiaro & Figna families has been closely entwined with the milling art since the 18th century, being the period when mills were finally industrialised and flour was standardised.


Alfi is an italian company specialized in vegetable preserves that uses practical and space saving aluminium pouches, which guarantees quality, safety and conservation.


Grupo Angel Camacho is a family business that started more than 100 years ago. They produce and market an extensive range of specialty foods from the Mediterranean region. Its products have a high quality and they get exported all around the globe, specialises in antipastos & veg preserves


It is from the past that our hands gain the experience required to produce these high quality cheese produced int he heart of the Taleggio Valley


pecialized in the harvest, production and sales of wild mushrooms form European woodlands; Asiago Food operates and manages the harvest sites directly in order to guarantee safe and reliable products of the highest quality.



Auricchio is proud to always produce the best…For more than 125 years; traditions have been passed down from father to son. Auricchio’s jealously protected secret rennet formula, the care it takes in choosing the right people to make the cheese, and its passion combined with experience and technology are the ingredients needed to make products of superb quality.


Bella Contadina has 2 factors that allows the company to always offer the best: “their location" and their "know-how" Their location in Cerignola, the South of Italy a fertile land together with years of experience results in the production of authentic and traditional "country style" preserved vegetables & olives.


The Bindi story begins with a little bakery on one of Milano's most historic streets, Via Larga, in 1946. Their values: Passion for desserts, Creativity, Quality and Elegance.


Borsari is based in Verona. Its products are produced with the best ingredients and baked slowly giving them an unmistakable taste of a top quality goods. They are specialised in  the production of Panettone the king of the traditional Christmas Holidays.


The Carlino Company today continues the traditions inherited from its founder Pasquale Carlino. They only use the local fish from the Mediterranean Sea renowned for its excellent flavours, freshness and brightness. Using traditional methods Carlino provides the optimum conditions for  seasoning and preserving fish.


The Caseificio (dairy) dell'Alta Langa is placed in Bosia (North of Italy) a place still green, famous for its wines and cheeses. The target of this company has always been to produce cheese using very old recipes, sticking to tradition possible by not adding preservatives, and using the lowest grade of pateurization, keeping all the good natural milk enzymes alive.


Chateau Blanc, "Grand Pain de France", is emblematic of the finest quality traditional French breads.
Chateau Blanc provides a faithful link between age-old methods of breadmaking and state of the art tools and technologies. Chateau Blanc brings a contemporary rhythm to the time-honoured methods of artisans, thus guaranteeing that the traditional recipes last through time.


CLAI is dedicated to the production of the fines traditional Italian cured meats: from the true classics to regional specialities. The climate and traditions of the Emilia-Romagna region offer perfect conditions for the production and curing of their products, and the modern production technology does the rest to guarantee product excellence.


Comercial Calamocha is a young Spanish food Industry, which was founded in 2003 with a Service approach. It specializes in Serrano Ham boning and slicing. It has a team with vast experience in the Food Industry.


Cova opened in 1817 beside the famous "La Scala" theatre and was founded by Antonio Cova. Cova has a modern laboratory and confectionery department that each year turns fresh ideas that interpret current trends while embracing what is most traditional and appealing fromt the Milanese style.


Dalter Alimentari S.p.A. is leader in the fresh grated and portioned cheese packaging sector (DOP and typical cheeses from Italy and abroad) for catering, restaurants and community catering services.


With over ten million kilos of production of Spanish cheese per year, Hijos de Salvador Rodríguez S.A. boasts a workforce of 150 professionals and 24.000 m² of facilities, equipped with the most modern technology, adapted to market trends and the demands of our clients and consumers.


In 1929 started the Pomella adventure, as the first dairy company to be established in the heart of the area known as Ciociaria (Centre of Italy) They are the hands of the expert cheese-makers from this region that begun the production of the prestigious mozzarella di bufala campana, fiordilatte and ricotta using traditions and secrets passed down from generation to generation.


The history of Caseificio (dairy) Gennari begins in 1953, when Sergio and Maria take over the Villa Pavesi Caseificio in Collecchio (North of Italy). They started producing 3 wheels of cheese a day… Today their four sons work in the Caseificio that keeps more than 35000 wheels.


Goccia d’oro’s is situated in the NW of Italy, and their pride and joy is their production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olive Oil and organic oils, but as well amongst their products you can find Olive Pomace Oil and all the other seed oils (ground nut, sunflower, corn, grape seed, soybean, rapeseed, sesame…)


Joseph Vitale’s lifelong passion for food took him to found Italpasta in 1989 and since then, they proudly use only 100% Grade #1 durum semolina purchased from highly specialized durum wheat millers in Canada. They take pride in promoting the healthy traditions of the Mediterranean diet and creating new products that meet the needs of every lifestyle


Lateria Mantova process starts with taking care of the raw materials that later on, are transformed with their skilful production methods, into genuine cheese masterpieces of taste, flavour and perfume, absolutely unique.


"Loyalty to the territory, genuineness and manual labour" These are the values that inspired the founder of the company Emilio Mauri, and those values still rule the work of his heirs and of those who everyday contribute to make Mauri an international big reality in the cheese industry.


Miccio proposes a huge variety of olives that are throughly selected and wisely packed in accordance with the rules of the Italian gastronomic tradition, in order to guarantee the intense genuine taste of the product.


Molino Grassi's ensures the quality of its flours by closely following every aspect of its production, from selecting the best grains down to the end product.


A family’s love for the land and unique tradition are the secrets behind the most precious of balsamic vinegar brands. One hundred years of tradition guided by a true passion for high quality flavours and superior products.



Montorsi was founded in 1880 and has its roots in an area characterised by a great love for the earth and a real passion for good food. Today Montorsi is a leader company on the Italian market in the production of Italian charcuterie specialities.


Negrini was first founded in 1955 in Ferrara (North East of Italy) by Angel Negrini, since then the company has focussed on research and innovation, respecting the traditions. This business philosophy has made the group a leader in the Italian small goods industry.


Palcarsa has been making cold cuts and meat products since 1946 in the province of León in the northern part of Spain. Over time they have adapted their know-how of hand-making these products to modern production systems which have enabled them to have a wide range of products that stand out due to their excellent taste, quality and value.


Panealba was born in 1982 in Piemonte, North of Italy. Its products vary from the famous "Grissini" in various packing to small and delicate cookies.


Pernigotti: a history of delicacies and quality began in 1860 and over the years has become the most important Italian confectionery tradition.




This Company was established 70 years ago with the exclusive purpose of the production of excellent quality Greek olives and Vegetables. It is situated in the Industrial Area of Volos, one of the richest regions in olive production in Greece, between the famous mountain of Pelion and the sea.


Set up 25 years ago as a small artisan workshop, Surgital is today Italy's leading company producing deep-frozen fresh pasta and sauces for quality restaurant cooking and catering, as well as ready to cook deep-frozen dishes for the bar and snack outlets. Its plant is located in Lavezzola, in the province of Ravenna (North of Italy)


Jimmy Truffles is located in the medieval village of Pietralunga, province of Perugia. They buy directly from the truffle hunters in the area, so they can guarantee freshness, quality and certainty of its origin.


Totem Food offers the flavour of Italian traditions selling high-quality frozen dairy products. In their food laboratory in the heart of Basilicata (South of Italy) they test and perfect new cryogenic techniques also using blasting chillers which preserve product quality.


Cold meats and salami have always been at the centre of the Viani family's activities who have been for ninety years following the main production traditions.


In its modern plant, the Raffaele Viscardi s.r.l produces a wide range of by-products such as peeled, chopped and strained tomatoes, tomato paste as well as a wide variety of pulses.


With more than sixty years of experience producing Prosciutto, Vitali:
- Has strong ties with the culinary traditions
- Respects the wonderful valleys that surrounds their plants
- Has a passion for business that has been passed on through 3 generations